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Asphalt Plant Broker

We can negotiate the best deals on New & Used Asphalt Plant and Equipment.

With our international experience we can guide you through the maze of procuring, importing, operating and maintaining the best plant & Equipment that suits your exact project requirements.

Asphalt Plant Broker

We negotiate the best deals on New & Used Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Plant Broker

Asphalt Batch Plants

Asphalt batch plants are the beating heart of modern road construction, embodying precision and efficiency. These plants orchestrate the transformation of raw aggregates and asphalt binder into meticulously crafted asphalt mixtures that pave the way for robust and enduring roadways.

With the ability to tailor mix compositions to varying project demands, asphalt batch plants flex their versatility while upholding quality standards.

Asphalt Batch Plants plants symbolize the harmony between engineering ingenuity and infrastructure excellence, embodying the dedication to building pathways that lead societies forward.

Continuous Asphalt Plants

Continuous Asphalt Plants epitomize seamless efficiency in road construction, embodying a steady flow of innovation and productivity.

These plants operate in a perpetual symphony, where raw aggregates and asphalt binder harmoniously combine to produce a consistent stream of high-quality asphalt mix.

Their uninterrupted operation ensures a constant supply of pavement material, expediting construction timelines and minimizing disruptions.

Continuous Asphalt Plants excel in their adaptability, allowing for rapid adjustments to mix compositions, catering to diverse project specifications and climatic nuances.

Asphalt Plant Broker
Asphalt Plant Broker

New & Used

Both new and used asphalt plants offer distinct advantages to the road construction industry.

New asphalt plants boast cutting-edge technology, incorporating the latest innovations in energy efficiency, emission control, and automation. These state-of-the-art facilities provide superior production accuracy, reduced environmental impact, and streamlined operations.

On the other hand, used asphalt plants are a cost-effective solution, allowing for significant savings in upfront investment. They often come with proven track records of performance and can be a practical choice for projects with budget constraints. Furthermore, used plants can be upgraded and refurbished to incorporate modern features, striking a balance between affordability and operational excellence.

The choice between new and used hinges on a project’s budget, timeline, and the desired level of technological advancement.

Asphalt Plant Production Equipment

Asphalt Plant Broker

Process Control & Telematics

Asphalt Plant Broker


Bitumen & Asphalt  Storage, Heating & Transfer Systems

Asphalt Plant Broker

Additive Handling, Storage & Feeding Systems

Asphalt Plant Broker
Asphalt Plant Broker

Bitumen Emulsion Production Equipment

Asphalt Plant Broker

Asphalt Haulage Trucks

Weighbridge & Ticketing Systems

Asphalt Plant Broker

Quality Control & Testing Equipment

Asphalt Plant Broker
Asphalt Plant Broker

Paving Equipment

Asphalt Plant Broker

Compaction Equipment

Specialist Ancillary Equipment

Asphalt Plant Broker

Specialist Paving Equipment

Asphalt Plant Broker

Specialist Support for the Asphalt Production Industry

Asphalt Plant Broker

Technical Consultancy Services

Working closely with our partners, we can provide quality Technical Consultancy Services for asphalt plants providing specialized expertise in optimizing plant operations, encompassing plant design, process enhancement, quality control, environmental compliance, equipment maintenance, technology integration, and operator training.

These services ensure that asphalt plants operate efficiently, produce high-quality asphalt mixtures, adhere to environmental regulations, and implement modern technologies, resulting in streamlined operations, minimized downtime, improved sustainability, and overall enhanced performance in the road construction sector.

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We can help guide you through the environmental implications centred around energy consumption, air quality, and sustainability.

The energy-intensive nature of asphalt production calls for a focus on energy-efficient technologies to minimize carbon emissions and resource usage.

Advanced emission control systems, such as baghouses and scrubbers, help mitigate the release of particulates and volatile organic compounds, safeguarding air quality.

To enhance sustainability, the industry is moving toward utilizing reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and incorporating recycled materials into the mix, reducing the demand for virgin aggregates.

Balancing these factors can strike a harmonious equilibrium between construction needs and environmental stewardship, working towards a greener and more responsible infrastructure landscape.

Asphalt Plant Broker
Asphalt Plant Broker

Quality Control

Quality control services for asphalt plants encompass a range of critical activities focused on maintaining and improving the consistency, durability, and performance of asphalt mixtures.

These services involve rigorous testing and analysis of raw materials, mix designs, and final products, ensuring they meet industry standards and project specifications.

Quality control experts oversee the entire production process, from aggregate testing and bitumen quality assessment to monitoring temperature and mixing times.

By implementing robust quality control measures, asphalt plants can produce reliable and long-lasting pavements, enhancing road safety and longevity while minimizing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

After Sales Service & Spare Parts

After-sales and spare parts services for asphalt plants are essential components of ensuring sustained operational excellence.

These services encompass timely technical support, maintenance guidance, and the provision of crucial replacement parts to keep asphalt plants running smoothly. Expert technicians offer troubleshooting assistance, on-site repairs, and preventive maintenance to minimize downtime and optimize performance.

A ready supply of genuine spare parts, ranging from wear-resistant components to electronic elements, guarantees seamless operations and extends the lifespan of plant equipment. By offering comprehensive after-sales and spare parts services with our partners, we can help facilitate uninterrupted production, enhance equipment longevity, and contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability.

Asphalt Plant Broker

Global Bitumen and Additives Supplies

Asphalt Plant Broker


Working with our global partners we can provide international bitumen supply services using our global network to source, transport, and deliver essential binding materials.

A consistent and reliable supply of high-quality bitumen, tailored to meet varying project specifications and climatic conditions worldwide is paramount for every project.

Leveraging logistics expertise, we can ensure efficient transportation and delivery, overcoming geographical barriers.

By offering international bitumen supply of a diverse range of bitumen grades we can help you maintain the production of durable, performance-driven asphalt pavements on a global scale.


We can offer bitumen additives to providing specialized compounds that enhance the properties of asphalt mixtures.

These additives can include polymer modifiers, anti-stripping agents, rejuvenators, and other chemical agents designed to improve binder cohesion, resistance to cracking, and overall pavement durability.

By incorporating these additives into the asphalt mix, asphalt plants can create pavements with improved flexibility, reduced rutting, enhanced moisture resistance, and better long-term performance.

Providing bitumen additives empowers you to tailor mixtures to specific project requirements, ensuring the construction of high-quality, resilient roadways capable of withstanding diverse environmental and traffic conditions.

Asphalt Plant Broker

International Experience

We can help to source the best Asphalt Plants from manufacturers all around the globe.

We can help to source the best Asphalt Plants from manufacturers all around the globe.

Delivered to you, anywhere around the world.

You can trust us to help deliver projects on time and budget

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